Save The Dates!

May 9: deadline to sign up for progressive dinner

May 13: Saybrook Cares Fee My Starving Children packing day

June 2-3: Saybrook Cares garage sale

June 4: Progressive Dinner

July 8: Saybrook Cares Blood Drive (#apintforkim)


September 1 (tentative): Salad Supper

TBA: Back to school ice cream social & another surprise event

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March 2020

President’s Letter

As a child I moved 13 times and a few more as an adult, I can say with a fair amount of certainty that there are not a lot of neighborhoods in the world like ours. During times of hardship, our neighbors pitch in: We donate at blood drives, we cook soup for those who are ill, we check in with those around them who are older or ill, we shop for those who can’t and above all we know that if we get in too deep someone can help us out. So in this moment of fear, I want to thank all of you for the good that you are doing. By staying inside and by asking your children to do the same, you are making a difference in the number of infections right here in our neighborhood so that all of us can get together this summer and toast a glass to this wonderful life we live. Stay strong Saybrook and if you are in trouble, call a neighbor because you would help them if they needed it.

SGC Co-Presidents,
Maura Hoff and Jennifer Riordan

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January 2020

President’s Letter

The holiday season came and went with the usual flurry of activity and parties
before we settle into the long winter. One of those parties was our annual Christmas
Tea. Thank you, Heather Huether, for stepping up to organize such a lovely event and
to Lori Jurjovec for opening up your home to a large (and sometimes loud) group
of ladies. I know there is a committee of people that helped pull all of the details
together, so thank you for all of your work.

Recently, there was an interesting study done on a group of Norwegians in the far
north that endure an almost unrivaled winter. The study was trying to answer the
question of ‘how do they tolerate such a long winter’ and the long and short of it is
that they don’t tolerate it, but they embrace it! They look forward to snowshoeing,
cozy pj’s, and casual drinks with friends at home. So I would encourage you all to
try and embrace the first winter of this new decade by taking a walk if the sun is out
and it’s not too cold, checking in on some of our housebound neighbors and having
some friends over for casual drinks.

If you are getting stir crazy and need a reason to get out then join us for Trivia Night!
It is such a fun and casual night for a great cause. Money raised from the event goes
toward our scholarship program and general philanthropy, but this event sells out
quickly so don’t wait to RSVP!

SGC Co-Presidents,
Jennifer Riordan and Maura Hof

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October 2019

President’s Letter

As I write this letter it is almost October—and still warm out! I had to order a pumpkin
cold brew at Starbucks the other day because it was almost 80 degrees out. Here’s
hoping this means nice (not sleeting or snowing) weather for Halloween. There are
so many kids in the neighborhood and the excitement of candy and costumes is
almost palpable.

The Salad Supper had a wonderful turnout again this year. Thank you Emily Kowal
for stepping in to organize the event and for stepping into the roll of Welcome
Committee. If anyone knows of a new family that has moved into Saybrook please
reach out to us so that we can welcome them to the neighborhood with a directory
and some flowers.

I would also like to thank Melissa Lavigne who has been in the role of beautification
these past 3 years. She has worked to improve the process of paying the
beautification dues (Yeah PayPal!) and coordinated some needed repairs to the 12th
street lights. As a reminder Beautification dues are separate from SGC dues. They
are completely optional but so vital to keeping our signs and islands looking good.
Those areas are the responsibility of our neighborhood to maintain and that requires
money and coordination. This past summer Melissa coordinated electrical repairs
that totaled $900. I know she is looking for help coordinating mulch and spring
cleanup, so if you are looking for a way to help please reach out. Also, when those
forms for beautification dues come out in the spring please remember to contribute.
All monies raised from the poinsettia sales goes to the beautification fund.

Thank you Amanda Solomon, Liz Waterstraat and Laura Gaskill and anyone that
donated root beer and ice cream to the Ice Cream social. The next kid friendly event,
the Hayride, is right around the corner on October 20th, also courtesy of Amanda! If
you haven’t yet, please like us on Facebook since we send out a lot of notices about
upcoming events on the FB page. Tricia Hutton graciously stepped into the roll to
keep everyone up to date.

This years Christmas Tea committee has just started planning, so keep an eye out for
the invite. I know I say it in every letter but volunteers are the lifeblood of SGC, and
SGC is one of the things that makes our neighborhood incredibly special. So if you
are looking for a way to get involved, no matter how small, reach out to us via email

SGC Co-Presidents,
Jennifer Riordan and Maura Hof

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August 2019

Summer In Saybrook

Summer is the time that brings neighbors together. Cheering for water polo
or swim team; playing tennis at the pool; walking through the neighborhood
with friends; playing a round of golf or a pick-up basketball game. I love the

The Saybrook Garden Club takes a little break during the summer and I’ve
been reflecting about the past year.

The Trivia Night raised funds for three scholarships in the amount of $1000
each for Naperville North students; 10 Jefferson Junior High boat trips for
students who wouldn’t be able to afford the celebration; assisted with the
5th-grade pool party; donated to buy trowels and other supplies for the
Beebe Garden. These things make our community strong, give to those in
need, and give us a goal of something bigger than our daily lives to work

Plus this year’s Progressive Dinner was amazing. Kristen, Jennifer, Kia, Samar,
Christina, Amanda, Natasha, Melissa, Anna and many others, all worked
so hard to make it one of those nights people love. I heard stories about
neighbors meeting for the first time, and exciting ideas for costumes, and
homes with amazing decorations.

The work we put into our neighborhood makes Saybrook and the surrounding
area unique. It makes everyone more comfortable with each other and
therefore more likely to reach out when someone is sick, or let their kids
roam free knowing that tons of other parents are doing the same.

I am proud to tell everyone I know about our community, our Garden Club
and our friendships.

Now I’m excited to plan for the coming year. See you at salad supper!

A Letter From Our Co-President,
Maura Hoff

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April 2019

Spring is in the air!

For most of us it felt like winter would never end. Trivia Night was a wonderful break from the long winter blues. There were a lot of new faces there which is always a wonderful thing to see. For those of you that have never attended the event you are missing a good time. The trivia host said more than once that we are his rowdiest group! Trivia night would not be possible without our wonderful committee of organizers. So a big shout out to Tricia Hutton, Hillary Andrlik, Becky Stanton, Mary Kate Watkins, Amanda Solomon, Chrisma Ibarola and Christin Kacedan. The ladies that organized the event do such a wonderful job at gathering raffle items (which is no small task), organizing the small prizes for winning at trivia and helping out with ticket sales on trivia night. That being said, some of these ladies are looking to move on to bigger and better things within SGC, so this event will need some new members to keep it going. Trivia Night is our largest fundraiser, which provides high school scholarships and 8th grade graduation boat trips.

It would be a huge loss to the SGC and would greatly inhibit our philanthropic goals. I know that the ladies have a process in place to make the event successful, so if you would be interested in helping out next year please send an email to or signup during the Salad Supper.

With spring comes the highly anticipated Progressive Dinner. This year’s Progressive has a funky theme with a focus on food, so make sure you have your annual dues paid up so that you receive your invitation. You can check your SGC status on our website under Membership.

As any successful organization, we rely solely on volunteers and many hands make light work. None of the committees are difficult and after years of practice there are easy steps in place to make each event successful. Also the planning is sometimes more fun than the event itself, and is a great way to meet new people in the neighborhood. Once summer approaches keep an eye out for more information on the Adult Float and the Salad Supper, which are both in August!

SGC Co-Presidents

Maura Hoff and Jennifer Riordan

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January 2019

A Community of Treasured Traditions

Saybrook is an amazing place! I am reminded of this daily. We have long standing traditions like this year’s 52nd annual Christmas Tea which included women from many generations: Lillian Cera and Ann Potterton were there and shared memories of many past teas; Suzanne Troy reminded all of us of Jon Benton who, in past years, had played piano at the event; Kia Cvengros hosted the event this year while still being one of our “new” neighbors;and most importantly the committee of women who planned the whole event!

Where do people welcome you with open arms (and flowers) when you move in? Or give you an opportunityto really know a group of neighbors more than 100 strong? Or include anyone who wants to join the group? Or raise funds to help students at our local schools, sponsor individuals with scholarships, etc? Saybrook is a special community with treasured traditions. We should be proud of this thing that was started by some amazing women years ago and is nurtured by each of us every day.

As the new year begins, I hope you will join us! Saybrook Cares hosted a Blood Drive on Sunday, January 13th. Watch for additional Blood Drive’s this summer or fall hosted by Saybrook Cares. Or perhaps we’ll see you at the Trivia Night Fundraiser on Friday January 25th. SGC will be raising money to help our local schools or other organizations that may request help. Last year we awarded three $1,000 scholarships to seniors at Naperville North. Or perhaps you have something you’d like to share and you’ll create an eventto help support the community. We’ll join you!

SGC Co-Presidents

Maura Hoff and Jennifer Riordan

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Fall Newsletter

President’s Message

As we write this it still feels like summer outside, but we’re sure the weather will

change soon! The weather was our friend for both the Adult Float and for the

Salad Supper this year, which meant that they were well attended events.

Thank you to everyone that came out to the Salad Supper; we had such a

wonderful turnout with a lot of new faces! Most importantly we had a lot of

people sign up to volunteer for our different committees. Volunteers are the

backbone of the Garden Club and there are many ways to get involved—

both big and small. This year we held the Salad Supper a little earlier, which

helped to ensure that the weather was good and that it stayed light longer.

We also had great feedback about not being ”required” to bring a salad ; )

The Garden Club is about community and friendship, so always know that

you are welcome to join an event without the stress of cooking. There are

a lot of events coming up for both adults (Christmas Tea) and kids (hayride)

so be on the lookout for information. If you want to get involved in SGC, are

looking for information about upcoming events, or want to know if your dues

are paid please visit our website and like us

on Facebook.

SGC Co-Presidents

Maura Hoff and Jennifer Riordan

Fall 2018 Newsletter

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We have just updated some important forms for this coming year 2018-2019. You can find more information on our resource page.

Reimbursement SGC

Deposit form SGC

Membership form 2018-2019


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Introducing our new Board for Saybrook Garden Club 2018-2019

All these wonderful ladies have taken on important roles for this year and we are very thankful. Our historian chair is open and if you like taking pictures, collect pictures or other fun history from a year in the garden club – please contact us.

Co-President: Jennifer Riordan and Maura Hoff

Secretary:  Lynn Silvia

Treasurer: Ashley Molidor

Fundraiser: Trish Hutton

Children’s Programs: Maura Hoff and Amanda Solomon

Saybrook Cares: Maura Hoff

Philanthropy:  Deb Wright & Jennifer Riordan

Website + Social Media:  Henriette Pentz

Publicity: Hilary Andrlik and Heather Huether

Membership:  Christina Papa

Beautification: Melissa Lavigne

Bouquet of Cheer and Curb Appeal: Kristin Locy

Historian : Open

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