Philanthropy and Giving

Philanthropy Chair – Deb Wright & Jennifer Riordan

September 2017

Our annual book collection and sale is ON!

We collect books for children and adults; then in September we will host a sale at Beebe. The sales will benefit children at our local schools. All donations can be dropped off at Maura Hoff’s house, 113 Barley Ave.

February 2016

We celebrated another successful Saybrook Annual Fundraiser in February!  Thank you to all who came out to support this important event.  We did things a little differently and it was met with great response!  Attendees viewed a short video with interviews from the social workers at Beebe, Jefferson and North who shared with us the impact Saybrook has made over the years and how our generous donations continue to be utilized in their schools.  They each asked for a variety of donations to help students in need.  Deb Wright, our Philanthropy Chair put together a “Cup ‘O Cheer” full of sponsorship opportunities to help students participate in programs and activities at school that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.  The Cup ‘O Cheer was empty by the end of the night and combined with all of the raffle tickets sold we will be making significant donations to each of the schools!  Special thanks to the committee for your hard work coordinating the event and to our check in/check out desk helpers Dawn & Cathy!” –  Megan Marcionetti


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