January 2019

A Community of Treasured Traditions

Saybrook is an amazing place! I am reminded of this daily. We have long standing traditions like this year’s 52nd annual Christmas Tea which included women from many generations: Lillian Cera and Ann Potterton were there and shared memories of many past teas; Suzanne Troy reminded all of us of Jon Benton who, in past years, had played piano at the event; Kia Cvengros hosted the event this year while still being one of our “new” neighbors;and most importantly the committee of women who planned the whole event!

Where do people welcome you with open arms (and flowers) when you move in? Or give you an opportunityto really know a group of neighbors more than 100 strong? Or include anyone who wants to join the group? Or raise funds to help students at our local schools, sponsor individuals with scholarships, etc? Saybrook is a special community with treasured traditions. We should be proud of this thing that was started by some amazing women years ago and is nurtured by each of us every day.

As the new year begins, I hope you will join us! Saybrook Cares hosted a Blood Drive on Sunday, January 13th. Watch for additional Blood Drive’s this summer or fall hosted by Saybrook Cares. Or perhaps we’ll see you at the Trivia Night Fundraiser on Friday January 25th. SGC will be raising money to help our local schools or other organizations that may request help. Last year we awarded three $1,000 scholarships to seniors at Naperville North. Or perhaps you have something you’d like to share and you’ll create an eventto help support the community. We’ll join you!

SGC Co-Presidents

Maura Hoff and Jennifer Riordan

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