March 2020

President’s Letter

As a child I moved 13 times and a few more as an adult, I can say with a fair amount of certainty that there are not a lot of neighborhoods in the world like ours. During times of hardship, our neighbors pitch in: We donate at blood drives, we cook soup for those who are ill, we check in with those around them who are older or ill, we shop for those who can’t and above all we know that if we get in too deep someone can help us out. So in this moment of fear, I want to thank all of you for the good that you are doing. By staying inside and by asking your children to do the same, you are making a difference in the number of infections right here in our neighborhood so that all of us can get together this summer and toast a glass to this wonderful life we live. Stay strong Saybrook and if you are in trouble, call a neighbor because you would help them if they needed it.

SGC Co-Presidents,
Maura Hoff and Jennifer Riordan

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