October 2019

President’s Letter

As I write this letter it is almost October—and still warm out! I had to order a pumpkin
cold brew at Starbucks the other day because it was almost 80 degrees out. Here’s
hoping this means nice (not sleeting or snowing) weather for Halloween. There are
so many kids in the neighborhood and the excitement of candy and costumes is
almost palpable.

The Salad Supper had a wonderful turnout again this year. Thank you Emily Kowal
for stepping in to organize the event and for stepping into the roll of Welcome
Committee. If anyone knows of a new family that has moved into Saybrook please
reach out to us so that we can welcome them to the neighborhood with a directory
and some flowers.

I would also like to thank Melissa Lavigne who has been in the role of beautification
these past 3 years. She has worked to improve the process of paying the
beautification dues (Yeah PayPal!) and coordinated some needed repairs to the 12th
street lights. As a reminder Beautification dues are separate from SGC dues. They
are completely optional but so vital to keeping our signs and islands looking good.
Those areas are the responsibility of our neighborhood to maintain and that requires
money and coordination. This past summer Melissa coordinated electrical repairs
that totaled $900. I know she is looking for help coordinating mulch and spring
cleanup, so if you are looking for a way to help please reach out. Also, when those
forms for beautification dues come out in the spring please remember to contribute.
All monies raised from the poinsettia sales goes to the beautification fund.

Thank you Amanda Solomon, Liz Waterstraat and Laura Gaskill and anyone that
donated root beer and ice cream to the Ice Cream social. The next kid friendly event,
the Hayride, is right around the corner on October 20th, also courtesy of Amanda! If
you haven’t yet, please like us on Facebook since we send out a lot of notices about
upcoming events on the FB page. Tricia Hutton graciously stepped into the roll to
keep everyone up to date.

This years Christmas Tea committee has just started planning, so keep an eye out for
the invite. I know I say it in every letter but volunteers are the lifeblood of SGC, and
SGC is one of the things that makes our neighborhood incredibly special. So if you
are looking for a way to get involved, no matter how small, reach out to us via email
at saybrookgardenclub@gmail.com.

SGC Co-Presidents,
Jennifer Riordan and Maura Hof

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