August 2019

Summer In Saybrook

Summer is the time that brings neighbors together. Cheering for water polo
or swim team; playing tennis at the pool; walking through the neighborhood
with friends; playing a round of golf or a pick-up basketball game. I love the

The Saybrook Garden Club takes a little break during the summer and I’ve
been reflecting about the past year.

The Trivia Night raised funds for three scholarships in the amount of $1000
each for Naperville North students; 10 Jefferson Junior High boat trips for
students who wouldn’t be able to afford the celebration; assisted with the
5th-grade pool party; donated to buy trowels and other supplies for the
Beebe Garden. These things make our community strong, give to those in
need, and give us a goal of something bigger than our daily lives to work

Plus this year’s Progressive Dinner was amazing. Kristen, Jennifer, Kia, Samar,
Christina, Amanda, Natasha, Melissa, Anna and many others, all worked
so hard to make it one of those nights people love. I heard stories about
neighbors meeting for the first time, and exciting ideas for costumes, and
homes with amazing decorations.

The work we put into our neighborhood makes Saybrook and the surrounding
area unique. It makes everyone more comfortable with each other and
therefore more likely to reach out when someone is sick, or let their kids
roam free knowing that tons of other parents are doing the same.

I am proud to tell everyone I know about our community, our Garden Club
and our friendships.

Now I’m excited to plan for the coming year. See you at salad supper!

A Letter From Our Co-President,
Maura Hoff

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